The 14ers

The 14ers

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Life is short, do the things you love. Ryan Kirkpatrick brews lively lyrics with catchy acoustic based rock songs, spends lots of time outdoors, and smiles often. 

The 14ers (named after Colorado’s highest mountain peaks) is a musical adventure led by Kirkpatrick himself. "I don't care who you are. It doesn't matter where you come from. I've got the altitude... come and get some!" sings 
Kirkpatrick in 'Get Some', a song in which the mountains sing to the outdoor enthusiasts that hike/climb/ski on them.

“My favorite thing about playing these songs is that, regardless of how many download sales they've had, they are authentic 
original tunes inspired by all things that make me who I am -- the outdoors, beer, adventure, love, and a little bit of 
trouble” says Kirkpatrick.

And if creating music that feels this good is a crime -- there are many talented musicians that are guilty by their association with Kirkpatrick. Barry Bates (drums), Stu Cruden (bass), Jacob Anderson (keys), and Paul Martin (electric guitar) most frequently join Kirkpatrick on stage along with other occasional top-notch musicians around the country including the newest recording featuring Adam Topol (Jack Johnson), Chris Joyner (Jason Mraz), plus Nick Bearden and Brad Lindsay (Jamestown Revival). "One of the highlights of my life is making music with like-minded, talented, and good-hearted musicians... I'm very lucky to have the collaborators I do", says Kirkpatrick. 

The 14ers have earned a reputation for drawing crowds at festivals, breweries and key venues from Colorado all the way to The Hotel Cafe and SOhO in California and the SXSW Colorado Music Party in Texas. The 14ers have also shared the stage with acts such as Howie Day, Rusted Root, The Wind and The Wave, and Brushfire Records’ ALO. Their performances feature interactive and authentic sets with catchy original music such as “Bikes”, a song about drinking beer and riding bicycles that boasts purely fun and memorable lyrics with writing credit to Mason Jennings, Matt Jennings, and Ryan Kirkpatrick. "It doesn't take much to find out that I'm crazy about where I live", confides Kirkpatrick. "And no, it's not entirely because of the amazing beer." The 14ers have played 50+ shows per year in 7 different US states so far and are releasing new music frequently in 2016, along with plenty of live performances, and a documentary titled "I'm Awake" in the works featuring the music and other adventures of Ryan Kirkpatrick. 

Kirkpatrick is no stranger to the road; he splits his time between writing/performing/recording music and guiding educational hiking, skiing, bicycling, and photography programs from the mountains and deserts of the west all the way to Africa.